Pablo and Dani, that’s it, nothing more and nothing less. Inspired by the always brilliant Andrew Kramer, and thanks to the cooperation and specific help of some people, they have managed to get ahead the first part of this ambitious project alone. Just a young couple of students about to end their Joint Studies in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, with a dream, in which they wanted to see how far they could go. Before resigning themselves to the employment situation that prevails in the job market, they decided to innovate and they undertook their own venture, so they create a production company of quality audiovisual and multimedia contents.

No budget at all, always allied with new technologies, with the technical means offered by the university faculty when these were available and, above all, with much imagination and a burning desire to achieve,  to enjoy, to lead to a new multimedia interactive audiovisual experience. They were long hours of selfless work to culminate in this adventure, but we think the effort has paid off. We hope that all of you enjoy!

  Would you like to join a young and dynamic team with broad prospects for growth? Are you a creative and innovative thinking person that has something to contribute in this life? We are always interested in passionate people, with talent, initiative and good ideas, and who has the personality and good vibes to be a CigameniC. If you are looking for an exciting job and full of emotion, join us!

Send us your resume with photo, along with a letter of motivation, to the following email address. We look forward to receiving your application and we will study it carefully to offer you a job that suits your preferences, whenever available.