Two Spanish students create the first video game 3.0 for YouTube

The adventure, with Hollywood quality, not only requires user’s
interaction in real time, but also using their own email and Facebook.

Pablo Arana and Daniel Bernáez, these are the names of the two young graduates in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the University Carlos III of Madrid who have used their final degree project to result in what has become known as CigameniC ( "CigameniC is cinema, is game and is magic. We wanted to create a short film of great visual quality, which makes the most of YouTube’s interactivity potential, combined with the use of various multimedia elements that bring the development of the story beyond player’s screen" explain these young entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies and Web 2.0, the players, now converted into participating characters, may access certain content for overcoming some puzzles. "It is the user the one who must discover the address to which he or she has to send an email to automatically get a response where the instructions to follow are” they exemplify. In other words, CigameniC uses the real world as a medium for interactive storytelling, in what is known as ARG (Alternate Reality Game), and has in the Lost Experience from the U.S. network ABC its highest exponent.

Besides, through hypertext narrative possibilities offered by new digital platforms, they give players a chance to experience several paths and re-play the adventure leading to an entirely new one, with different endings and with different scenes and dialogues, like in Choose Your Own Adventure books. "This narrative interaction, in the case of CigameniC, is based on intuition, puzzle solving and decision making ability, provided in real time, by the active viewer," say the creators.

The project, aimed at young audiences familiarized with new technologies, has been entirely shot in Carlos III University of Madrid’s vicinity, where the authors have given a twist to these everyday scenarios to make them look spectacular and extraordinary. For instance, the story begins with a meteorite fall in the Court of Promotions of that university, which has also been used to develop a viral marketing campaign. Moreover, Pablo and Daniel have handled all stages of the creative process from script to production, through filming, acting, music or postproduction, always seeking a professional finish.

The first part, that they have just launched, perfectly adapted to YouTube and mobile devices, has a video runtime of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 minutes, depending on the chosen path. In addition, they take into account the international market, as both the adventure and the website are translated. Apart from that, they have a customized YouTube channel (, where they offer all their videos, as well as a profile on Facebook (, which brings together all their followers.

Currently, these two twentysomething are promoting their adventure and hoping for someone to notice and bet for them. Because, it is always encouraging to hear how young people without budget but with much imagination are able to take forward ambitious projects through new ways of reaching the audience. New ways and, above all, more fun and free.

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