CigameniC productions are characterized by the use of various multimedia elements that bring the development of the story beyond the player’s screen (by using user’s personal email, web pages created for this purpose, cell phone for some extra content, blogs about the plot, social networks to participate, etc.) necessary for overcoming some puzzles or the discovery of certain secrets. In other words, CigameniC uses the real world as a medium for interactive storytelling, introducing a number of available resources to tell a story that is affected by the intervention of the participants, in what is known as Alternate Reality Game.

Moreover, thanks to hypertext narrative possibilities offered by new digital platforms, we give players a chance to experience several paths and re-play the adventure leading to an entirely new one, with a different ending and with different scenes and dialogues. The film understood as a living being that is weaved as the receiver makes decisions, thereby achieving a new form of digital interactivity. Narrating with digital media is meeting a new discursive paradigm in which information is organized on a non-linear way based on network structures consisting of nodes and links. This narrative interaction, in the case of CigameniC, is based on intuition, puzzle solving and decision making ability in real time by an active viewer.

Due to CigameniC’s movie vocation, we always pursue a professional finish, both in the script phase, as in shooting, editing, music or postproduction effects. Moreover, taking as an example the first episode, Genesis, we have considered the guidelines with which Edward Jay Epstein outlines the formula for success that characterized those films that between 1999 and 2003 exceeded a revenue of ten billion dollars: a weak adolescent playing the leading role becomes a mighty and determined hero, it does not contain any relationship between sexes, it presents quirky secondary characters, conflicts are unreal, it has a happy ending, it uses digital animation to create sequences, and it uses actors who are not big stars.